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Entry by LEEEJ on Sunday 27th March 2011 03:43:57 PM
Entry by leeej on Friday 11th March 2011 03:45:26 PM
THANX SAMANTHA for you and your husband for coming to the show , there will be more keep checking my gig guide much luv leeejxx
Entry by Samantha Barnes on Thursday 10th March 2011 10:24:27 PM
Hi LEEE, Me and my Husband came to see you at Leicester square by pure luck when I saw your interview on London Tonight, I had a great night you were outstanding...... You music means so much to us....
Lets do it again xxxx
Entry by tina on Wednesday 9th March 2011 09:14:38 AM
very nice sebastian x
Entry by MocIT on Tuesday 8th March 2011 08:14:46 PM
New look front page of leeejohn.com we will be making more changes for the sub pages very soon !!! :) any comments welcomed info@mocit.co.uk or 078 188 48 358
Entry by LEEEJ on Saturday 5th March 2011 05:34:52 PM
THANKING EVERYONE FOR A FANTASTIC TURNOUT AT OOUR ANNIVERSARY SHOW on sat 26th feb , we had friends and fans from all over france, italy , algeria , spain , germany , ireland , usa and really happy you all came and enjoyed it was like a home party , Jr Giscombe was sensational , my band and musicians were Flawless , and you the friends , fans and audience were warm , loving and overwhelming , i am here because of you , as i always say you make me who i am today , Im amazed how MUSIC can bring us all together FRIEND 2 FRIEND , the timeless melodies that lingers on and on evoked by the words that weave in out minds forever . More shows to celebrate 30 yrs this year allover see gig guide MUCH LUV LEEE J xxx
Entry by nicolas on Monday 28th February 2011 05:54:44 PM
good night leee
it s a great pleasure to send to you a friendly message. forgive me for my english i m french and i only learn english with imagination song 's. i wish to you errol and ashley an happy birthday ; where is the time when i saw for the first time the group imagination where is the time when i prayed my precious mother to buy me your last record , where is the time when i took crisis because to see imagination in tv (time when in france there were only three channels) ; where is the time when friend's of mine tease me when i m trying to dance like you but they always drove me to the club where you sing south oh france; now is the time proud to always take pleasure to listen your music to see leee ashley errol do great things proud to belong one of yours thousand ' fan in the world. may be one day my little child 's would say to me hey daddy please please dance like imagination . thank you for the time you take to try to understand me ; and for the memory and emotion ; i wish to you the health the voice and inspiration and the best for your friend and family . nicolas
Entry by FULVIO on Monday 28th February 2011 04:41:34 PM
From which part beginning?!?!?It's not easy when the emotions fill up your mind and your heart when what you have lived it will remain inside you for the eternity.
I spent an amazing weekend in London,lived first hand 30th IMAGINATION ANNIVERSARY Concert,meet special and lovely friends and persons that for me are really important because part of Imagination's family.
An immense embrace to Steve and Marie, Mark and Winnette, Tina and Bazza, JosŤ Alex, Enrico, Tony D, Ido and Ingrid, John Watson and Carole, Arlette and Stefan Peyrolo. To Eliot Cohen and Peter Royer (an honour to meet and talk to u), to Junior Giscombe and all the musicians. To Russell Frazer, really a wonderful man, so nice and brilliant.
And finally to LEEE JOHN...to say extraordinary is little, too much is always the emotion to meet and know a person that is part of my life from 30 years, and he will be forever.Hey MAESTRO really happy to know that u like the awards.
I'm writing with the happiness tears, of knowing that ur Italian Family is loved by all of you ... THXXX so much from our hearts from Leonardo, Valentina, Roberto, Andrea, Flora and Fulvio.
Entry by mary on Thursday 24th February 2011 10:05:07 PM
hi leee i can't wait to see you live on sat 26th feb at leicester square theatre much love mary. xxx
Entry by Sally N0 1 Fan !!!!! on Sunday 20th February 2011 09:23:31 PM
Hi Leee, I saw you a few weeks ago at Butlins Minehead. I was soooooo excited to see you! your singing and dancing was great and I was lucky enough to be given by you your picture, I will treasure it for ever :)
Entry by leeej on Sunday 20th February 2011 10:43:07 AM
ALSO Many thanks Nathalie for your warm regards much luv LEEEJ
Entry by LEEEJ on Sunday 20th February 2011 10:42:13 AM
HIYA RAY GLAD to hear from you , i was a good friend of LEROY LOGANS you knew me as LESLIE though everyone called me LEEE as there 2 leslies at school , glad to hear from you all th best take care LEEEJ
Entry by Ray Monk on Saturday 19th February 2011 12:24:07 PM
Hiya Leee,

I also woke up to your enjoyed your chat on BBC Radio London this morning. Funny thing is that I didn't realise that I used to know you until you mentioned you were in a band called Hutson Hollies and your first gig was at Highbury Fields. I mention that cos I was also in the band and played that gig too ! Were you known as Junior then by any chance ?


Entry by Nathalie on Saturday 19th February 2011 09:58:18 AM
I just woke up to your lively and enthusiastic interview on BBC Radio London. A speaking voice as lovely as your singing voice and I love your optimistic attitude. I can't make the concert on the 26th but will definitely re-visit my Imagination cassettes!
Entry by leee j on Wednesday 16th February 2011 12:22:14 PM
HIYA GUYS , thanx GREG in birmingham , i should be there march 18th at the decades of soul show , glad you liked the show at skeggy even though there were sound problems on the first 2 numbers it was fun just DANCING with the audience till we got our sound back check my gig guide out plus next week my show in london take care much lv LEEEJ x

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