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Entry by j.alex on Monday 26th October 2009 08:55:24 AM
you in france!!!!!!!!!!I am going to france today and will stay for a week,so I can go to the concert the 30th and to every single show,gig you are in.I dont want to miss a thing!_please give details about it to get the tickets and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!such a great news...woulb be great to meet u in paris and drink some champagne together!***lots of love
Entry by tina on Sunday 25th October 2009 10:29:21 PM
much love back to you too leee !
hope to see you very soon
lots of love tina xxxxxxx
Entry by Leeej on Saturday 24th October 2009 06:16:46 PM
Many happy returns Bazza as always luv to u and tina. In france at the moment had a great nite at Le meridian hotel with Gibson bros and 14 piece band playing heavy funk music. Doing a show with billy obam Friday 30th as I feature on his new album track called mon ami English and French .will post details of location of the gig on Paris as it's live and acoustic.much luv leeej
Entry by tina on Saturday 24th October 2009 10:56:26 AM
hi all !
i am sure all that know my fabulous brother Barry (Bazza)would like to join with me in wishing him a very happy birthday today ! hope you have a lovely day barry !
love tinaxxxx
happy birthday uncle bazza from greg and scott x
Entry by Andy on Tuesday 20th October 2009 07:43:28 PM
Are there more gigs this year in the uk???????????
Entry by dheur martial on Friday 9th October 2009 07:47:47 PM
one of the best voice i never heard!!!
I saw you in belgium (liege) a few years ago.

thank you, leee, for you music.
Entry by j.alex on Saturday 3rd October 2009 09:10:54 AM
...and not forgetting of course "heart and soul" and "one more love" from "in the heat of the night" or the funky "tell me do you want my love" from "body talk"
Entry by j.alex on Saturday 3rd October 2009 09:10:34 AM
...and not forgetting of course "heart and soul" and "one more love" from "in the heat of the night" or the funky "tell me do you want my love" from "body talk"
Entry by Romeu on Wednesday 30th September 2009 09:44:31 PM

Someone give the site or send me a e-mail with the lyrics of imagination and Leee John.
Entry by antonio on Wednesday 30th September 2009 08:21:46 PM
ciao a tutti...non dimenticate i'll always love you, e wrong in love .......ciao dalla sicilia
Entry by tina on Wednesday 30th September 2009 08:19:46 AM
hi all !!!
i agree j.alex ,but most of the people that mention the same tracks
haven't bought the albums so they don't know those amazing tracks actually exist !
i love all leees new stuff and also all the imagination material too !
hi leee hope to see you soon, big love to all the fans and friends from
all over the world
lots of love
tina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Entry by j.alex on Tuesday 29th September 2009 11:50:11 PM
hola everybody,just want to say big hits of imagination are fantastic...I think all of us agree about it but there are some masterpiece nobody talk about are even better!!!like "private hearts" and "the best of my life" from "the fascination of the physical" or "body and soul" and "sunshine" from "trilogy","over" and "hold me in your arms" from "closer","state of love" and "the need to be free" from "scandalous"...so exited about new leee john/imagination material!!!!!!luv and respect
Entry by denise on Tuesday 22nd September 2009 07:16:29 PM
hi. any chance of imagination coming to manchester? i love heart n soul and burnin up. don't make music like that any more!. luv u loads. d. x
Entry by leee john on Saturday 19th September 2009 12:50:34 PM
hi guys long time , been a crazeeeee month but positive thanx for your love and support as always in november SENSUALITY cd/dvd ep will be out online through TOPPLETS dist and itunes in the shops in france and got shows in lile in oct , luxembourg , geneva and planning IMAGINATION tour for next year with a fw jazz gigs as well .Ring or email all your local radio stations to request SENSUALITY to be played i on smooth fm playlist in the uk ,the urban charts and dance charts in europe spoke to imag bother ashley who sends all the LEEEGIONAIRES and IMAGINATION fans his love .much luv LEEEJxxxxx
Entry by james and family on Monday 31st August 2009 08:49:12 PM
had a great time seeing imagination live at selsey bay what a fantastic voice leee john has. cd was WOW!

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