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Entry by william@friend.pl on Thursday 23rd July 2009 05:15:30 PM
Nice page.
best regards.

Entry by tina on Saturday 27th June 2009 08:02:03 PM
Leee ... you can see even in the sensuality video that there are influences from the legend Michael Jackson(you can still do those spins !)its a blessing that you got to meet him and his family and you can hold those great memories close to your heart. it was ironic you were at the 50 years of motown show when you heard the tragic news ,but its lovely that we recognize the music of michael and all the amazing artists from magical motown . Hope to see you really soon
lots of love tinaxxxxx
Entry by Jan on Friday 26th June 2009 11:48:37 PM
So sad;

Ich mag nicht glauben,
Mag noch nicht glauben, dass es stimmt
Doch mein Herz - es weint
Und es scheint,
als ob an diesem Tag
ein jeder fuer sich Abschied nimmt

Michael Jackson - Rest in Peace ! Jan
Entry by LEEE JOHN on Friday 26th June 2009 08:25:10 PM
LAST NITE i was at the MOTOWN 5oth show and was backstage with my friend MARY WILSON of the Supremes when we heard the devastating news . I met Michael JACKSON and his family a few times , he influenced us all the showmanship , the music the perfect craftsman , our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I have grown up the the music of the JACKSON 5 has a kid to his solo recordings OFF the WALL is still a classic and inspired me when recording our first IMAGINATION album when i wrote the song DONT LOOK BACK it was my hommage to michael s SHES OUT OF MY LIFE .Lets remember the POSITIVE contributions he gave us in his music and art . He changed the whole pop industry with the THRILLER video .we all had Michael Jacksons rolled up sleeve , geri curled , showing our socks look and diont forget the spins which i still do today. From his MOTOWN DAYS to Sony recordings his legacy will live on forever , we will treasure his contribution because it lives in our hearts and souls eternally . LEEE JOHN
Entry by j.alex on Friday 26th June 2009 11:29:00 AM
!felix cumpleaņos! whishing you all the best,look fantastic and your soul does the rest!!!love and respect!!! MJ rest in peace
Entry by tina on Friday 26th June 2009 08:05:57 AM
michael jackson R.I.P you will be sorely missed and your music will live in our hearts forever x
Entry by From Peru-South America on Wednesday 24th June 2009 08:38:56 PM
Happy birthday to you Leee, I hope you carry on with such a talent to produce and sing breathtakingly beautiful songs. You changed the life of too many people around the world. We discovered thru your music the magick of love, innocence, beauty and what not!

And that is why i will never forget the day i came across "Imagination". Whenever i fall in love with anyone, there's always imagination songs to inspire me with such a frenzy of love and passion, better than any love potion! :))
Entry by Bazza on Wednesday 24th June 2009 08:52:30 AM
Hope yesterday was a great one for you Leee ! Belated Happy Birthday on the forum and I hope you got the text and card xxxx
Entry by Pat & Kurt C on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 01:52:47 PM
Enjoy the bubbles young man!
Entry by ghislain on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 01:49:54 PM
happy birthday leee
joyeux anniversaire
Entry by tina on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 08:14:14 AM
hi leee , happy birthday!
have a lovely day!
hope to see you soon
lots of love tinaxxxxxx
Entry by leeej on Monday 15th June 2009 11:44:04 AM
PARC ASTERIX in paris saturday was xplosive with the luvvvvleee PRECIOUS WILSON who is a good friend the crowd was ecstatic and six dancers worked their bodies it maybe on youtube no doubt but a friend filmed the event . Lots on this summer stay tuned LEEE J much luv to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Entry by eviewonder on Saturday 13th June 2009 11:04:02 PM
Hi Leeeeeeeeeeeee, NW2 is missing you but glad to know that things have been going so well.......... London loves u so come home soon. lots of love.....evieeeee w
Entry by LEEE JOHN on Wednesday 10th June 2009 10:00:00 AM
HI EVERYONE i have received ENORMOUS response over the last 3 weeks via email , facebook , myspace re my TV appearances , the RTL disco tour the live orchestra NEIM festival , the shows in belgium , switzerland , the fans in rimini also thanx FULVIO for coming so far with the wine for me . I have had such a warm reception by so many of the fans i must say a BIG thank you for your generous love and support. Also n the UK There has begun a huge IMAGINATION /LEEE JOHN revival im getting LOTS of offers for appearances , recordings etc . I will be promoting sensuality and sensualitylj.com ththru the summer check out all the NEW mixes in september there will be a special Double pack 9 mixes 6 dvds leee john of imagination EP much luv LEEEJxxxx
Entry by tina on Friday 8th May 2009 10:50:07 AM
hi leee
hope you are well,saw you on bbc breakfast tv,i really enjoyed the interview and you came across very well ! the video for sensulity is HOT ...but its always been my fav. from the album(as i remember telling you at johns -dr watson)!
hope to see you soon
lots of love tinaxxxxx

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